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Description: We require that any changes to a Point of Success customer’s file will need to be requested and or confirmed by the owner of the software by either a verbal or written authorization Agree or Disagree The processor will provide a complete VAR sheet?The specific information required on the VAR sheet is dependent on which platform you are using Agree or Disagree? Will the processor be staging the file and providing a deployment ID? (To process through Point of Success, Inborne Technology will need to stage the file and provide the deployment ID.) Agree or Disagree? The Processor will be providing the credit card devices. Agree or Disagree? NETePay can be purchased through Inborne Technology. The cost is $570.00 for the first lane and $190.00 each additional lane. Agree or Disagree A Point of Success NETePay Connector is also required The cost is $299.00. Agree or Disagree NETePay not purchased from Point of Success will be charged $149.00 an hour for installation. The installation

Hardware: Verifone VX 805

Conversion Costs: Unknown


Phone: (480) 497-4004

Last Modified: June 24, 2019

Created on: June 24, 2019

For more information, or to start a conversion please email