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Not Processing Compatible

Not EMV Compatible

Not Giftcard Compatible


Description: NO LONGER COMPATIBLE Directly compatible with TSYS. Cayan sends the merchant a few forms to sign a 2 year agreement and begin the conversion process, once the merchant replies back, the gateway account is created within 72 hours. The merchant has the option to just select the gateway (if they already have equipment compatible with Cayan or if they donĀ“t need hardware and will Key in their sales directly on the POS). If they have hardware that was previously used with Cayan, they will have to provide the SN so Cayan can check if it will still work or if it will require an upgrade. Not compatible with Giftcards. If the merchant wants to cancel before the 2-year contract, Cayan can apply an Early Termination fee (ETF). NFC (contactless payments) is currently disabled, they will need to reach out to Cayan to enable this.

Hardware: Genius Countertop (MX 925) is the standard hardware compatible with all conversions with Cayan, but depending on the software/POS, Cayan could offer different hardware if needed. No Upfront cost.

Conversion Costs: $34.95/per genius countertop-month, $14.95/gateway-month, and $0.05/transaction



Phone: (888) 249-3220

Last Modified: March 1, 2021

Created on: Aug. 17, 2018

For more information, or to start a conversion please email