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Cash Register Express

PCAmerica Heartland

Processing Compatible

EMV Compatible

Not Giftcard Compatible

Point of Sale

Description: Compatible via a PAX S300 terminal semi-integration. The integration will require an [UNLOCK CODE] to reprogram the merchant's CRE POS. The [UNLOCK CODE] can ONLY be generated by the Reseller who sold CRE to the merchant or by "Heartland" Support. "Heartland" Support is an optional paid service and the reseller may charge fees for their time/services generating an [UNLOCK CODE]. Please confirm the merchant has either a [Support Contract] with [Heartland Support] or If the [Reseller] is willing to help.** Alternative integration routes can be done with either [CAYAN's] or [Datacap's] gateway services. Please refer to those entries for additional information.

Cash Discount Available: Surcharging is available

Hardware: Compatible terminal PAX S300** Requires S300 to have Communication settings: (1) Ethernet (2) TCP/IP**IP address from terminal must match what is in CRE POS payment settings. Once an IP is pulled from the merchant's network it is highly recommended to program that IP as static.

Conversion Costs: Varies on individual reseller rates or if the mercahnt has Heartland


Phone: (888) 319-0521

Last Modified: May 18, 2023

Created on: June 17, 2019

For more information, or to start a conversion please email